Focal Kanta No.2: A New Age Continued...

My previous thread was removed for a bad word I suppose?  Anyway, as I was saying, the Kanta’s deserve a listen in the “I can afford anything” category.  They are uniquely musical and can get the entire gestalt of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra in my listening room, which speaks volumes.  All my Krell front ends had bad drives which lead me to the Yamaha CD S2100 SACD player which is astoundingly natural sounding...shockingly so in fact.  Very un-digital sounding.  I use a Krell Digital Vanguard Integrated with custom Transparent Ultra Gen 5 speaker cables.  My PC’s are Pangea’s best, which were also a shock for me, as they have replaced my MIT Oracle PC’s!!  Interconnect is up for grabs, but trying the Pangea Premier XL Balanced Interconnects currently and like I said, if the Symphony sounds like the real thing to me then I should sit and listen and be happy I don’t need to spend thousands more.  I also use a Bluesound Vault 2 for ripping and streaming.  My coax of choice was the MIT Magnum Digital but I am also trying a Pangea coax now so...go figure!
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Very nice follow up dave_b

I have watched your changes is systems over the years. I like the fact that you use Krell, Yamaha and Transparent cabling, to good effect.
The Yamaha products that are designed/built in Japan really make a difference. It appears that you agree with me.
Happy Listening!

Nice speakers!

I love it when a company cares about how a speaker looks, with a good contemporary design that makes a bit of a statement.

I auditioned the new Kanta speakers not long ago.  They were certainly excellent - very clear and precise mids/highs.  I found the mid bass on down to be somewhat discontinuous and not as precise, even in a well treated demo room.  Not my bag, in the end.  When I played the same tracks on my own speakers to my ears the presentation was more natural, organic and less "hi-fi" (I've always found the Focal speakers to sound a bit like their are showing off their tweeter).

But I get why they appeal.

Prof, the reasons I went with the Kanta’s is actually the opposite of your description in most part...something was definitely wrong with your demo setup!  They are the warmest, full sounding speaker I have heard in a long while with oodles of bass texture and detail.  I heard them on Naim reference gear and My Krell does 200 into 8ohms and 400 into 4ohms, which they do need despite the efficiency rating.  The Kanta dips to almost 3 ohms and has a steap phase angle.
Apparently my original post is back up!!  We have 2 threads going about the Focal Kanta No.2’s:)
Interesting dave, I heard them on Naim gear as well.  (Front end, and I think it might have been with a big Anthem amp too).

The room was well treated and the speakers seemed placed well...but who knows?  Things usually sound better at home.

I tried several models of Focal but never fully warmed up to them.  (Though strangely I've liked the tone of their really big models, at shows).

They were generally excellent speakers, though.  Really present with acoustic guitar, which is one of my go-to audition sounds.
Funny, I wasn’t looking for new speakers but my local audio guy wanted me to see what I thought and that’s when I heard something special about them.  Weird, but different setups, different cables etc...!  Enjoy
You had Totem Fotest before? Can you compare the 2? I had Forest in the past but know have Dynaudio Contour C20. I think the Dyns do what the Totem did but better without the harshness of the Forest on occasion. The Kanta certainly look great and I like the Focal speakers I have in my car. Interested in them. 
Forest Signatures are excellent speakers but couldn’t quite fill the room with large scale orchestral music.  The Kanta 2’s can play on a far bigger level with tremendous authority and dynamic swing.  Strings sound more realistic as do voices.  Overall the Focal’s are warmer yet just as detailed.