Beginner: Best all-in-one including speaker unit?

I've been analog forever and had more than a few digital false starts in my main system.  I know I'd be playing music more often and am also missing new music discovery without streaming or internet radio.  This time I just want a stand-alone unit including speaker to put in our living room instead of my music den.

What are some of the better options?  Sonos, Bluesound, Naim etc.?  Is it better to pick one with a streaming service embedded in the player vs. utilizing a computer interface?  And given this type of player, will you hear a difference opting for Tidal/Quobuz/Amazon premium, or do these all-in-one units not really benefit from the higher bit rates?  Budget is flexible although I'd imagine ROI is limited with these and I don't want to spend more than needed for good sound and ease of use.

Sorry in advance if I've not made myself clear or used the wrong terms.  I'm a content dinosaur and avoided trying to understand digital other than enjoying CD's in my car.  Any insight or product recommendations is much appreciated.  Thank you!
Vanatoo is worth looking into... I have both the Zeros on my desk and the One Encores in the upstairs family room.  Can use with TV toslink or Blue Tooth.  Built in DAC if you have another source.  Really reasonable price with even better sound.
++ Vanatoo. They sound much bigger and better than their size and price suggests.