Bedini 25/25 1 meg

I am interested in the bedini 25/25 amp listed here:

Anyone knows what does the “1 meg” refer to for the bedinis?

Are this worth trying for 86db speakers? Read that they sound good and got curious. Thanks.
You better get yourself a bedini 100/100 for 1/3 prices of that 25/25 just making sure they are dual transformers like 25/25 then I bet you are not far behind the 25/25 plus you get more head room and that amp can drives any speakers better than 25/25 for sure !
@atl4love There is a bedini 100/100 for sale from a seller close by. I will try to see if I can audition it. Will the 100/100 run super hot though? It is really hot here where I live. Also do I have to use special speaker cables for the bedinis? Thanks.
I have a 100/100 in a system in my office, and it does not run all that hot, more warm to the touch. Drives my Arc's with authority with no strain at all. I run it with a Quicksilver Tube pre and stream from various sources during my work day.
I believe “audiospec” aka Will Vincent has worked with the Bedini brothers and services Bedini amps. I have no affiliation,but I believe I have seen posts by him on this forum.