Battery powered cabin system

I've a Trends 10.1 Tripath integrated which I need to power with a battery. Generator will run sometimes to trickle charge the battery. Walk me through a set-up for this to include battery and appropriate charger. Thanks
The 10.1 will play for a VERY long time if you run it off a 12 volt deep cycle marine battery...Probably a few good months of listening, if you match the amp to some efficient speakers. You would not need a generator to re-charge the battery. Pick up a lightweight, inexpensive solar panel if you feel it needs a charge. A simple, cheap $10 multimeter can be used to check the battery from time to time. As a source, try a great sounding Sony D-25 portable CD player (1989 mfg.),and use the fixed (not variable) line output going into the Trends amp, with a 1/8" phono stereo to RCA adaptor for the line output. The Trends and D-25 are a surprisingly good sounding combo that will get you off the grid for little money.