cabinets for 15" coaxials?

greetings: looking for suggestions regarding good cabinet designs for 15 inch "co-axial" speakers. i just picked up some university 315s, but might be interested in trying altec 604, tannoys, EVs, great plains, etc. in the future to compare.

i use 2A3 and 45 SET amps, so need to maximize efficiency. i like healthy bass response. listen to acoustic jazz as well as heavy rock.

my listening room is medium size (perhaps 14x18 with 9 foot ceilings, rectangular but not a perfect rectangle). because of house features and furniture placement, the speakers can not be in the corners, but need to be about 1/3 of the way out into the room and a bit in from the walls.

prefer relatively narrow width, can go moderate to deep in depth, and can go tall. its on the 2nd story, so manageable weight is also a plus.

i would appreciate any suggestions, tips or experiences that you care to share.

thanks -andre
Check out CommonSense Audio. They sell several different plans for that type speaker. The web site is laid out real screwy, scroll about 3/4 of the way down the opening page and you will find info on the different cabinet plans. Good luck and hope this helps.
thanks, but never could find the plans on the common sense audo site. "common sense" is sort of a misnomer for how that is laid out.

anyone else have any suggestions? regads -andre