BAT VS VTL anybody compare these amps and preamp

anybody listen to both BAT and VTL out there, I have some VTL gear (and I like it)...never heard BAT amps or preamps but they look very nice....any thoughts, thanks
I recently spent a couple of hours at a local dealer auditioning the VTL 6.5 vs. a BAT 51. The VTL won hands-down. The VTL was open, rich and possessing of a very deep sound stage. To my ears, the BAT 2was slow and relatively muddy. I felt the BAT lost it on complex passages whereas the VTL remained effortless. I have a friend who insists I listen to the Aestetics Calypso before I take the VTL plunge.
VTL 6.5?? Is that a new one or did you mean a VTL 5.5 or 7.5, Pscialli?