BAT VK-D5 SE versus Cambridge 840C Azur

I have the Cambridge 840C Azur upsampling CD player and frankly I'm rather happy with it. I'm toying with selling it and picking up a BAT VK-D5 SE (6H30). I was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to comparethe two.
I use a BAT VK 300x SE with the 6H30DR super tube option for power/pre. I love this integrated amp! Speakers are in line for an upgrade although working very well...They're Canton CT 2000's from the late 80's / early 90's. Large, & very efficient 3 way towers which listed for $2500/pair back then. Very accurate without being edgy or fatiguing. Mids are almost warm, highs detailed and crisp and ample low end that's tight.
Thanks for your thoughts.

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