BAT VK 60 w/Vandersteen 3Asigs/2W?

Anyone heard these together. Does anyone know if a single amp will push the Vandys adequately. How about a bi-amped pair or a pair of monoblocks. I have a single 2W sub, so they won't be pushing the low bass.
I think you would be ok with a pair of VK60's. I would have reservations with a single amp, however, unless you are at moderate volumes in a smallish room. I use a Belles 350A (250/ch) biwired with the 3A Sigs and a pair of 2Wq's. Even with this combination, I feel the speakers sound better with power and a high damping factor. My room is about 16x23 and power really isn't an issue because I listen at moderate volumes but power just sounds better for whatever reason.
I have not heard the 3A Sigs with the VK60's but I did hear them numerous times with the 100w/ch ARC 100 mk.II and mk.III amps. A single amp did not sound as good as a pair biamped.
Give it a try if possible. The Vandy's do sound good with tubes. I know the VK60's are reported to be a fine sounding amp.
I think the 3a sig should mate well with musical fidelity.Last week i did listen 3a and 5a with MF gears at the AUDIO CENTER in florida, Richard vandersteen was there too..

I demoed a pair of 3A sigs for a couple of weeks with my VK-60 and really enjoyed the combination. I was considering purchasing them along with two 2WQ subs, but my wife thought they looked too boring in our very contemporary home, and the combination took up too much space, so they went away. Actually understood her argument and settled on speakers that met both of our needs.

Good luck