BAT VK-500 with Martin Logan ReQuests

Anyone out there using any BAT Amps with Matin Logan ReQuests or any ML speakers. I would appreciate your comments. Also are you using SS or Tubes on the pre-amp
side. Thanks
There is a member here that uses a VK-200 with his Martin logans(don't recall which model) and loves the set up. I enjoy the BAT sound and have VK-500 on maggies and it works great! Also worth looking into would be Wolcott amps, they work great with electrostats, some VTL amps may work- not sure with those impedence dips. I am also told though I have never heard the set up that the KR enterprise kronzilla monoblocks sounds great on electrostats.
I use a BATVK500 with ML Quest Z's and a BAT VK-30 preamp. I love the synergy and would highly recommend you consider a VK500. Click on my System and take a look at my main rig to get a feel for my associated equipment. Best, Jeff