Bass Response Help

I have upgraded my amp to MF A3.2 Integrated. I have Dynaudio 1.3MKII. Bass response is not satisfactory. Is it normal or something wrong with A3.2 Integrated? I tried several cables but nothing changed.
I have found all MF gear to be terribly light in the bass category.....just my experiences.
Well my first thought would be are the cable/connections in phase? Maybe try to swap the +/- connections at the amp or on one speakers just to be sure. If the bass tightens up or returns, you probably found the problem. That would be my first step in troubleshooting.
If everything is hooked up properly i.e. speaker cable polarity especially, you're probably just not happy with the Musical Fidelity house sound. To me, their gear lacks warmth, body and impact. If you've got ported speakers with bloated bass, it might be an okay match. For sealed speakers or vented speakers that are well designed, MF gear is not the answer. That is, unless one prefers a lean presentation. Sean

PS... Maybe you can sell this piece to a reviewer that works for Stereophile : )