Basic Tidal streamer to USB DAC

Forgive me if I'm broaching a topic that has been addressed many times before, but I've been searching through the forums and can't quite find what I'm looking for.

I currently use a MacBook Pro running Audirvana Plus to stream Tidal directly viA USB to my DAC.  I want to eliminate the MacBook from this chain and instead use a basic network streamer that I can control from an iPhone or iPad to stream Tidal to the DAC.  The DAC is USB only so this streamer must have a USB out.

I can't seem to find a basic streamer that does just this and only this.  I don't need a DAC in the streamer, and I really don't understand all the other Roon business and all that.  I just want to stream Tidal to my DAC without using a laptop.

Any recommendations?  Thanks for your help.

Thank you for your detailed response, nekoaudio! Very helpful. The latter approach (a streamer that natively supports Tidal) is the way I was thinking I would go, I just haven’t found many streamers that seem to fit my rather basic needs without going overboard with other functionality.

Perhaps a Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra is the kind of thing I’m looking for?  I would consider a Bluesound Node 2i, which I've heard a lot about, but I don't believe it has a USB output.

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airplay is never reliable and never supported by manufacturer warranty. 
If your budget allows, pick up a used Aurender N100H. This will give you substantial upgrade in sound quality over your MacBook or anything under $1K.

Innuos Zen Mini has USB output but it also has a internal DAC just like Node 2i. For the price and features, it’s hard to beat these streamers.
I don't get streamers. I re-clock the usb data coming out of the pc. I use Tidal's player into an NOS dac, done.