Barebone 2A3 or SET Amp and speaker

I am looking for people who have set up a 2A3 or SET amp and speaker for really low price. Anything below 1k will do. Describe characteristics and sound quality.

Paul - Are you asking for an SET AND speaker that costs less than 1k together? Try Antique Audio, I've seen a couple of their used 2A3s on Audiogon for 700-750.00. That leaves you a whole 249-299.00 for speakers! Good luck!
Hi Paul: You may want to look into the amps at which to me sound very similar to the 2A3 amps that I have listened to in that they are extremely detailed and good at the frequency extremes. I listened to a very early version of their basic amp (which had a volume pot for use with a single line source) and will assume that the later models are even better. They sell for $500-$700 or less in kit form and the ouput tubes are very inexpensive. I tried the one that I had on loan with a pair of Chorus II's, but they should be able to easily run B&W 302's in a small room (I think that they were used in the pro review). The new models come equipped with silver IC's which should help to keep you under budget even if you opt for the premium model. The only drawback is that the amp is so detailed that you will want to use it with a decent source. There is a review of an earlier version (though later than mine) at TNT audio which will give you a better idea of the sound than which I can describe (
The ASL stuff looks pretty cool too (especially the EL34 mono blocks with a volume pot each), but I have never listened to them.
Check Loth-X Jr. speaker - sells new for $399/pair. Sensitivit 94 dB. Check or May/June "listener" magazine.
Then one of those Antique Audio amps as low as $200 per pair.
I can chime in here that I really love my Wright WPA 3.5 monoblock amplifiers, which are based on the 2A3 output tube and are frequently found here at the $1000 price point.
That might mean using existing speakers until more money accumulates. Getting one great component today and another great component tomorrow might be more satisfying in the long run than getting two pretty good components today.

I was all ready yesterday to disagree with the post above about the Decware Zen, but now I can't. I own a Zen Select amp, and audio memory was telling me it's nowhere near as detailed as the Wrights. Luckily I realized before posting that I hadn't tried the Zen in my current system, which is completely upgraded from the one I had the Zen in about 2 months ago.

I plugged in the Zen this morning. The detail outstrips the Wrights, which is no slouch detail-wise. However, the Zen's sound is drier, less emotionally involving, not as coherent, tonally correct or just plain beautiful as the Wrights. My opinion is that the Zen preserves detail where the Wrights restore emotion-bearing resonance lost in the recording process. I would place credit (or some might say blame) for this on the 2A3 itself, in this case the Sovtek.
MrGil: Have you tried subbing another 6922 type for the 6N1P tube? I did not when I had the amp in my possesion as I could not locate them at the time, but wonder what a nice soft Amperex or Mullard would sound like. I agree with buying the best piece within the budget and then upgrading others in the same manner later. This saves a lot of money in the long run and you end up with a better setup in the end. I did this when I purchased my SET amp, which at less than half off retail (used) was still $300 over my budget which happened to be $1000 at the time. But I now own it and love it.
This is a bit off-topic, but in case anyone here is interested, I did try many input tubes for the Zen in the old system, but not in the new system. The Zen might benefit from a lusher input tube now. I'll have to try that eventually before making any conclusions. What sounds best is an individual preference for sure.

I do recall liking the stock JAN Philips 6922 in the Zen better than other types because it was the driest, in a system which needed some dehumidifying. My new speakers are happier with more moisture, and the Wrights provide it, but the Zen might also, with a wetter 6922/6DJ8.

Here's a way to bring this slightly back on the under $1000 topic: Watch out for the tube-rolling obsession, or *any* preconceived budget can be easily broken!