Band of Horses ------- Vinyl vs. CD ?

Now that I feel my vinyl system is optimized (without spending considerably more), I'm noticing more subtleties on my records. I've just started spinning the most recent Band of Horses on CD and noticed terrible compression and a general 'wash' of sound.

Has anyone compared CD to Vinyl with Band of Horses albums? I realize some people have spent more (or less) on their vinyl rig which would net greater results.

Would I find the vinyl release of the same album more enjoyable or better presented, in this case? I'd rather save money and not purchase both formats.

CD is Resolution Audio Opus 21 and TT is VPI Scout with Lyra Dorian and Simaudio LP 5.3

Your thoughts are appreciated.
It wouldn't surprise me they mastered the vinyl from digital source. For mass marketed music, sadly, this is quickly becoming the norm. If this were the case the CD wouldn't sound any better.

Bands that care (have control) master their records from true analog source.
I've ONLY heard the first two albums on vinyl and think they sound pretty great. I'm not nearly diggin' the new album as much so I just picked up a used cd and that'll work for me.