Balanced tube preamp as good as BAT VK at lower?

Can anybody have a suggestion or two for used balanced tube preamps which are as good as BAT VK preamps at lower cost?
I've beein looking for a BAT preamp that would match well with my VK-200, mostly vk-3ix/30(se)/31(se) with phono/remote, but they are all well over my budget ($1500).
Currently I have Rogue Magnum 99 (with phono) which works pretty good with VK-200, especially the phono part, but eventually I want to move to a balanced preamp.
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Bat pre amps with bat amps are really something special. Great synergy. I've owned a 50se/51se and vk200/60/150se's. You can get better (or different), but it costs more money and you really can never get that bat midrange glory anywhere else.

I'd really recommend to hold out until you can see a vk3i come up for sale or you can raise you budget slightly. You're pretty close...
Thanks for the tip.
Yes, I've heard often that BAT amp works best with BAT preamp. It is hard to find any other balanced tube preamp that comes close!
BAT vk-3i would be within my budget, but I am not sure if it is a noticeable upgrade from Rogue Magnum 99. They may be in the same league, or Rogue may be even better

Yes, I would need to raise my budget to afford to vk-3ix or higher.
Hello Ihcho,

You should be able to find a VK-5i in the $$$ range. As Jfrech pointed out the BAT combo has a mid-range that is pretty special with regards to texture/timbre of tone and the higher up you go into the BAT line-up this quality expands to the outer frequencies as well as improved dynamic performance.
Good luck and enjoy your search.

Thanks for the tip.
Yes, I will stick to BAT pre.
I have some recommendation to go for 5i, but I would rather go for vk-3ix or vk-30 that comes with phono card.
I purchased a used vk-30 with phono and remote.
I had not recognized any inconvenience with Rogue Magnum 99 whose remote has only volume up/down, but with BAT remote, I don't think I can ever go back without remote or limited remote feature. ;-)
For sound wise, it is not hard to tell that vk-30 is one level up compared to Rogue. It may be due to BAT-BAT synergy, though. Most notable difference is the base extension, detail, and liveliness.
I really liked the built-in phono in Rogue, but vk-30 phono module sounds at least as good as or slightly better to my ear.
IMHO, not many amp/preamps at under $3000 can beat used BAT vk-200 and vk-30 (with remote and phono).