Balanced Interconnects, Which ones???

I am wanting to upgrade my interconnects between my
KAV 1500 and My Krell HTS. I'm currently using AudioQuest Opal's which are balanced. Any info would be helpful. What brand and model do you have, or would you recomend for my setup?
Hi Simancd,

I have a similar setup as you for home theater. What kind of speakers do you have? This would help in the decision of which interconnect to use. Also.. what is your source?

After testing A BUNCH of interconnects (you name it, I've tested it), I decided that Audioquest Diamond X3's were the best for my situation & preference. They are simply fantastic. Even though they are silver, they don't have the stereotypical "brightness" people commonly (and wrongly) associate to silver. I've found that silver really helps preserve the delicate signal between source components and pre-amps/amps. I've used these cables on VTL tube gear as well with similar results. Great cables!
and great cables are great, no matter how they are used.

If money is a factor, Audioquest Lapis can be had for less than the Diamond, and will get you nearly the same warmth. I use Lapis, unbalanced, in my system and the sound is excellent. I agree with the post above about the silver helping to preserve the signal the best.
I just made myself of balanced cables out of Kimber PBJ and they stand up to anything. Balanced is the key, skip spending loads of cash...
Definitely balanced with Krell. Try HomeGrown's Silver Lace. I hear good things with those cables and Krell gear.