Balanced Integrated Amp Connection

My amp is a Rowland Continuum 500, integrated. It has RCA and XLR inputs for all inputs except phono, which is RCA only. (Jeff says the ground of the cartridge to the chassis is the same as balanced.

Regarding CDP connection, is there any real advantage to balanced over unbalanced when connecting to an integrated? The C500 converts AC to DC for powering both the pre and power amp sections. My new CDP has no ground on the IEC plug, yet it gives a choice of XLR out or RCA out. Since the amp and pre are grounded together and operating in DC, what advantage is there to connecting the CDP through a "balanced" connection. (I'm only running a meter of Analysis Plus Solo Crystal IC).

It just seems to me that the ground scheme inside an integrated amp is going to be ideal and going balanced for the ungrounded CDP isn't going to accomplish anything.

Some interesting reading......

Thank you, thank you, thank you. That's the clearest, most concise description of the issue that I've ever seen. (I'll be ordering new cables for my new CDP. Now if I just find what Rowland wrote about pin 2).

You're Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.

David, It is amazing the amount of really great info held within some of these forums. We have had some pretty heated discussions with a tremendous cross section of opinions being displayed.

I absolutely love true balanced. I was running my Audiomeca CD into an Audiomeca DAC into a YBA Passion integrated. The combination was so amazingly quiet it created an absolute velvet Black background. Sounds would emanate from what seemed like total sonic darkness. It was almost uncanny. Detail like you could not believe.

Once again however, it is so important to define TRUE balanced configuration, not just XLR connectors.

Best of Luck, Ed.
Ed, yes indeed, you're right about the value of this place.

Rowland was one of the first to go "truly balanced" so I think I'll take advantage of that.

My current CDP only has RCA, but I'll be getting a balanced Playback Designs CDP/SACDP/DAC later this month and was wondering if it would be worth it. The Rowland Continuum is so darn quiet as is (perhaps due to the Power Factor Correction conversion to DC), but, what the hey, why not guild the lily. I spent a small fortune already, so a new Analysis Plus IC won't be a proportionally large expenditure.

Hhi Dave, what CDp are you planning for your system?
Ahhh, you inquisitive friend, it's the Playback Designs MPS-5.

See Mike Lavigne's excellent review at Playback Designs Review

The combination of SOTA CD/SACD playback and a super DAC that can serve as the basis of a future music server was just too much to pass. I bought at the introductory price.

Dave, where's info / pricing about this device?
Chambers Audio

These are early-production from a couple of guys that left EMM. One of the principals of Chambers is also a principal in Playback Designs. The $5,000 introductory discount was a powerful incentive to stick my neck out, along with Mike Lavigne's review and the early endorsement by David Robinson (of Positive Feedback)and the potential to surpase EMM and others at the top of this little heap.

I have concerns about buying a potential orphan, but these guys do have a strong history. You might want to talk with Jonathan Tinn to get background. They'll be at the next CES, but not RMAF. Mike Lavigne has known these guys for years.

BTW, I assume that you may work something out before then, but if you haven't heard it by then you hear mine at RMAF.

Thank you Dave, I see a price of $15K. Is that a discounted introductory price, or is it list?
No, $10,000 for now. I wouldn't be surprised if they'd loan one to another reviewer, as they did Robinson.

Thanks Dave, I'll buzz Jonathan. G.
It's Jonathan T (Tinn). You might get him today. Tell him Dave Stephens sent you. ;-)