Balanced and Unbalanced outputs

Hello all,

I have a Krell HTS 7.1 pre/pro. Right now all my preouts are connected using balanced outputs (XLRs). I just bought a Definitive Tech 3000 center speaker that has single ended input (for its built-in powered sub). It recommends that I connect the center out on my pre/pro to the input of the Defitive Tech 3000 for best result. My question is can I use both the XLR (connect to the amp) and singled ended outputs (connect to the DT 3000) at the same time? Will this damage anything to my Krell 7.1? Or am I better off by using single ended output with a Y-splitter to connect to the power amp and the Definitive C/L/R 3000 at the same time? Again, this is only for the center channel.
Thanks a million,
There is the odd component (like my old Wadia DAC) that have both a balanced out pair and a single ended out pair, and you can only use one or the other. Generally though you can use both at once, especially on preamp/processors, without any problem,

More importantly, your DT 3000 requires a full-range center channel output from the Krell for its sub portion to operate properly.
There is some risk with some circuits (not sure about the Krell) that by using both XLR and RCA can mess up the CMMR. This can be noisier but not damaging. Try it and see.
If it works go for it.You can use both with no problem. I ahve done this for years. Rex
Thanks all for your inputs. I'll give it a try some time this week.