Converting balanced output from a DaySequerra tuner to unbalanced input for my preamp?


  So, I found a good deal on a used DaySequerra M4.2S HD tuner so I snapped it up. I now realize that it has only balanced XLR outputs and my preamp has all unbalanced RCA inputs and a balanced output to the amp. What is the best way for me to convert the balanced signal from the DaySequerra to the unbalanced input on my preamp?

  I noticed that Sweetwater sells some $79 boxes to do it but is that the best way to go?

  The DaySequerra is an experiment because my beloved McIntosh MR-78 is getting walked all over by strong nearby stations and even the DynaLab Signal Sleuth can't fix the problem. 

  Thanks for the help! 

You probably only need an adapter. Most likely, the adapter would be set up with a female XLR connector going to a male RCA. Pin 2 of the XLR would correspond to the center pin of the RCA and pin 1 of the XLR would be the ground of the RCA. If you encounter a buzz, then pin 3 of the XLR should be tied to pin 1. But try it first without that last bit.

Alternatively you could have the female XLRs wired to your existing RCA cables in the manner described above.
What about a box solution like this?

Balanced / Unbalanced Line Level Converter
I’m going to get a cable made so as to ignore the cheap op amps in that box.
I’m going to get a cable made so as to ignore the cheap op amps in that box.
That is my advice :)
Easy enough to make you own cable if you are diy handy.
I had same probem and Almarg gave me directions on pinout ( as Ralph has done here) and I made my own cables with xlr one end and rca the other.

If you are handy and have a soldering iron it is 30 minutes work maximum.

Plenty of decent xlr and rca connectors for sale on eBay etc.

Or buy say an existing xlr set cables and just change one end to rca?

Plenty of options.

Or even buy a ready made set that I just found on ebay.

Just an example, plenty of options

Good luck.
Thanks. I need XLR female to RCA male. 
Actually, I'm not sure what the connectors are on the back of the Sequerra M4.2S. Are the XLR female or male? I can't quite tell from the picture. 
All XLR outputs are male.