Bakoon 11R vs 7511/7512

Bakoon makes two ranges - the 7511 is the Japanese 15w amp, and the 11R (soon to be 12R) the Korean 15w variant.

I am testing a 7511 with Living Voice speakers, and they are efficient enough that it works brilliantly

The 11R appears a more sophisticated design (separate amp and power supply) but I have never seen a comparison of the relative sonics of the two.

Has anyone done it? And what were the speakers and how efficient are they?

The two are the same circuit.
One made ​​in Korea, Japan, and the other one is made ​​by the founder of the company.
The sound is similar, and the output is the same.
12r is that the benefits of detachable power supply.
The advantage of 7511 is that the founder made ​​directly.
Either way, the best sound you can hear.