Anyone familiar with Bakoon Satri amplifiers?

Has anyone ever auditioned the Japanese made Bakoon Satri line of Amps?

An acquaintance I know cannot speak highly enough of it. He has gone through all kinds of amps, cary to vtl, even to the nuforce 9v2se, nothing comes as close to being as musical as the bakoons.

What makes the bakoon satri special is it links the units (dac, pre, power) using current, not voltage, using coax cables. He mentions that the bakoons pre to power connection using a $200 Oyaide coax cable yields the same quality as using regular voltage-drive using stealth indras (an incredible claim). But being the stealth audio dealer, and the fact that the turntable in his bakoon driven system is connected using indra's lends credibility to this claim.

nothing is as 'musical'?
Sorta' like Krell Cast sans the powerfull headroom?
Just tried their entry model amplifier in my system. I think it offers excellent value for money if you have high efficiency speakers. Treble and midrange are beautiful and space is very natural and open. In comparison to my (far more expensive) Allnic monos the Bakoon shows reduced dynamics and less defined and controlled bass. Sounds more "tubed" than my tubes...

From the mid-range up the Bakoons are truly excellent - the entry model easily beats the Nuforce in these areas. Bass performance depends a lot on the speakers used - it can be very good, to too loose - nothing like the grip that the Nuforce has. Don't get distracted by the 'current drive' issue - that is not what makes these amps special. They are very clean, liquid and extended on top, and I haven't heard more accurate treble from any other amp.