baetis media server

Anyone out there have any experience with this system?
Another, looking for feedback from folks who own this...
Almost a year later, bumping this back to the top...

The design/details on the Baetis website sound very impressive.

Does anyone have experience with, or own their media server?

Please chime in.

I have been the owner of the Baetis Revolution since the first of the year. This is my first music server, so I don't have any good basis for comparison other than my CD player/transport that I used before the Baetis, a CEC TL-53z. The Baetis was a significant improvement. I am using JRemote, a $10 ipad app as a controller, and it is just great. The only problem is ripping my CD collection to hard drive. I'm still working on that one. While I haven't had any problems not of my own doing, John, one of the owners of Baetis has always been available, and helpful. Considering all the work that Baetis has gone through in parts selection and construction, I think that the Revolution is quite a bargain, even if is not inexpensive. I would have no reservations in recommending the Baetis.
I purchased the Baetis recently and couldn't be happier. When you look at the design of this unit and the fact it started with listening to mother boards through a Wilson Maxx system to be sure they used the best audio sounding board first, then building the best of computer needs around it makes this a huge notch above just buying a computer for audio. There is no sound card; the sound comes right off the mother board through a BNC connection on the back. The several USB ports to add additional external hard drives was well thought out. The ability to connect to the internet via Ethernet or WiFi allows flexibility if too far from a hard wire connection. The inclusion of a low noise fan to cool the processor. You can't even hear the fan. John Mingo and his son Dan are to be commended for constructing a well thought out unit. John told me I'd like my DSD downloads converted back and play through the BNC connection than through the USB connection and I am beginning to believe him! Watch for a review of this unit in the February Absolute Sound. This unit should definitely be on your list of servers; you won't regret owning one.
Hi Samh,

I am also waiting to pull the trigger on this but still waiting for more feedback which so far seems sparse in this forum.
Is the CD ripping problem due to hardware or software?
Thanks in advance.
The CD ripping is not due to the hardware or software, probably user error. The drive is very high quality. I purchased dB Poweramp to rip my CDs and another (can't remember name) to rip my Blue Rays. Do yourself a favor and buy dB Poweramp; it is fantastic and a powerful software. I didn't have the Baetis when I ripped my CD's so I used my laptop and saved to a file on my laptop first so I could clean up the genres, titles of CDs, etc. then I transferred the files to an external hard drive and connected it to the Baetis. Call John at Baetis to discuss unit. You will come away very confident this is the way to go.
The Baetis is a Hi End music computer, designed to do no other tasks than to collect music or files, and play them back using the best interface possible with a computer and audio/video system. I have ripped 100's of CDs and other media with no problems what so ever. With the DB Poweramp you could rip a very sizeable collection over a weekend. I was ripping about 8 to 10 CDs an hour, including all the cover art. The JRiver is well thought out and sounds fantastic. There are more commericially available solutions to store and play music, but this is the best sounding and most adaptable solution out there. And when it counts, the customer service is right there. I've spent hours on the phone with Baetis setting up and tutoring the JRiver program.
This is an easy purchase, if you want great sounding music from a computer, look no further!
Colekat; I ditto your comments. The review in the February Absolute Sound may finally make others aware that buying just any computer for audio playback isn't a wise choice for computer audio. Glad you're enjoying your Baetis as much as I am; so glad I met John and Dan Mingo and investigated the design philosophy of this unit.
Hey Hifi, Definately happy with the Baetis, great music reproduction! As for the output, the BNC is a leap in sound quality compared to the USB. Makes you wonder what all the fuss is about the USB connection, why is USB the interface of choice? Looking at your system pixs, is that an Esoteric X-01? And are you using any Snake River Audio cabling?
I sold my Esoteric X-03SE when I purchased the Baetis and use Snake River Audio Mamushi and a Boomslang digital cable. Excellent cabling and building a wonderful following. I spoke with Jonny Wilson recently and he is back logged with many orders and many new happy customers. Have you tried his stuff? I agree about the USB versus BNC. I would have kept my EAR DAC had I known! I really don't even need the DSD capability; the BNC choice far surpasses USB choice for playback.
You guys are right on where the BNC is concerned over USB.
Hey guys, Its a tough sell, the whole World is USB centric now. Its amazing how easy we are sold on bad things, look at mp3, its the number 1 selling codec in the world. Hi rez through the S/PDIF is so much better than USB, but looking at the marketing of products today, you think without USB, you are being short changed.
Anyway, my whole system is slung together with Snake River Cables, including the Signature speaker cables, great stuff! And a great deal. I have Boomslang through AES/EBU from DAC to Transport, and from the Baetis to the DAC, and signature from DAC to Pre.
And for DSD, the JRiver will do DSD, but the software is protected, and the time it takes for the files is a lot longer. There is a service using the registered software that will download all your SACDs for a fee, and DSD downloads can be bought and downloaded, but you need to pay the licensing fee . I think it's Mkv, but anyhow, enjoy the tunes, and glad there are other Baetis guys out there, it seems like a great secret, maybe no more!
Happy New Year, everyone!

It's been a few weeks since I checked this thread, and was pleasantly surprised to see all of the recently added feedback.

I spoke to John, a few weeks ago. And, while Baetis is still near the top of my list, one of my concerns is the ongoing "computer maintenance/updates."

I'm not much of a computer guy. Ideally, I'd like to rip my cd collection, set up my playlists, push play and forget about everything.

Basically, I want to spend the small amount of leisure time that I have - listening to music, not doing maintenance/updates.

Can anyone comment on the time consumption and complexity of the recommended, ongoing computer maintenance?

I wish that I could leave the server connected to the web via Ethernet, and Baetis would just push through the updates, without me having to do anything.

Please keep the comments coming!

Thank you.
Gee, maybe no one told me about the computer maintenance on my Baetis. I have yet to do any! I did get one Windows update, but that's about it. I do occasionally save my music lists in JRiver, but beyond that I am not sure what else I should do. Oh, last thing I do once a month is back up my hard drives to capture any changes I have made to any of the music files I have made. If you know of other maintenance needs, please let me know.
Barrelchief, if this is a dedicated music server, I would not worry about updates unless it is addressing something that affects function. In my experience with Windows, updates, in general, tends to reduce the efficiency of the operating system. Just my two cents.


You may want to check with John/Baetis.

It could be just Windows updates, but I do recall him saying that updates should be done, at least monthly.

I use a computer, daily. However, I would not describe myself as being extremely IT savvy.

How was your experience in setting up and updating the unit???

Hey Everyone, See The Absolute Sound, great review of the Baetis!
and they also knock the crap out of USB.
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