B&W or kef

hi im looking to get into different speakers. any opinions on B&W 802 or kef reference line? thanks
I used to own a pair of B+W 805 monitors (not the current model--this was a few years back). I haven't heard the KEFs, but the B+W's had a very clear and slightly warm midrange. Everything sounded good on them, although the soundstage was not deep and the bass was not the absolute best I've heard (some small monitors can give respectable bass nowadays).

What are your interests? What have you heard that you liked or didn't like?
VERY similar, but I never liked KEFs uniQ design, with the tweeter in the middle of the midrange driver. I vote B&W, plus they'll be easier to sell if you move up.
Sorry to disagree on the B&W issue, but I have heard both lines and currently Kef new Reference series is much more technically advanced than what B&W is offering.

The sound of the new Kef series is remarkably transparent, with a huge sound stage that a dual concentric can provide. The Kef's tweeter goes up to 60k without being bright or over analytical. In addition the Kef series can be tuned to match the room with subtitle but effective tone controls.

Both speakers have great bass and dynamics
Ask a thousand people get a thousand different answers.You have to decide for yourself what you like.If you buy what someone else likes you might end up dissapointed.I know this is a trite answer but it's totally on the mark.
It's hard to beat a dual concentric, true point source for detailed imaging and incredible soundstage.
Try B&W DM2a or Kef RR104
in most cases they are more then sufficient in any way.