B W North Creek Crossovers

I was wondering if any 802 owner's have used these crossovers. I have a pair of 802 IIIs with Pass x250, x2 pre-amp and levison 360S and 37. Was wondering if the upgrade was appreciable in clarity, sound stage, etc. Any place to get a pair of pre-owned. Thanks in advance to all who respond.
I was toying with the idea of also trying these on my 802 ser.3's until I found out that they cost more than what I paid for the speakers. I think I'm going to go the DIY route and just upgrade the existing x-overs. I'm sure I can get most of the benefits for much, much cheaper.
I used these cross-overs on 802 speakers and was not impressed with the change. I did't feel they made a significant difference and were not worth the considerable price.
Craig is the first person that i've read that did'nt like them. They are expensive and hard to find used but, well worth the trouble. I sold my 802's for Merlin VSM/SE's since the 802's driver's are 16 ohm's and are not made anymore and enpensive to repair.
While the vast majority of audiophiles will love the kind of changes North Creek makes on a speaker, they are not for everyone. The changes will remove much of the brightness, irritibility, grain, and grunge of the speaker. While most of us say that is something we want, it may seem to make the speaker less exciting to some people. A loss of the "boom and sizzle factor", on the "sizzle side". Related to the smoother midrange/treble. Some people don't like that. We all have different tastes. I also have to say that if the crossover upgrade is more expensive than the speakers themselves, the question of value looms LARGE. Very large.