B&W CM Center vs CM Center 2?


I currently have the CM Center paired with some 805S'. The center channel dialogue in a lot of movies still leaves something to be desired.

I am wondering if anybody has experience in upgrading this center channel to a CMC2? I kind of like how the CMC and 805's both have woven-kevlar woofers (CMC2 has paper-kevlar woofers).

Basially, is it worth it to upgrade? My fireplace mantle doesn't have room for anything bigger than the CMC2, so HTMxS is out of the picture fellas.
I have the CMC for center, CM7 rear and 802's in front.

I listen to SACD and music DVD's and dont notice any deficiencies. The CMC2 may or may not be much of an upgrade. An in home demo would help decide but usually isn't possible. Like you I dont have room for any of the HTM's that would match my 802's.
Very nice set-up! What version do you have of the 802's?

You're correct, since Modia is one of the main B&W dealers (and only one in Houston), the in-home demo is impossible.

Plus, I would prefer to buy it on the used market and not have to BS a salesman to demo the product.

I also forgot to mention that I have my CMC powered by a 200w x3 Emotiva XPA-3 amplifier.

I'm kind of curious to see how the CMC2's mid-range driver and tweeter arrangement would compare to the generice W-T-W of the original CMC.
Longhornguy- I have the 802d's- just purchased last year. What is your take on the Emotiva amp? The CMC is very close to the CM1 which I had for a while. I liked them so much I took my time upgrading to the CM7, then 802.

I dont think the tweeter differs on either CMC. I would prefer a FST mid driver which would be my main reason for wanting the CMC2 in the first place. The frequency response is pretty close- but specs dont tell the whole story.

Its tough finding centers but they do come along.
I actually love the Emotiva amp. The seperation, soundstage and just 'clearness' of the speakers really comes alive with these amps.

I love the 802D's, it would be my dream to obtain a pair of these when I can upgrade my house to a larger HT!

For the 802's I wouldn't hesitate running XPA-1 monoblocks for each of them. You just can't beat the Emotiva price, warranty and power output combination.

I do like my current CMC and I like how it uses the woven kevlar woofer instead of paper-kevlar woofer.
Hi I had a CMC with my CM7's and got rid of it. The CMC2 is much better. Just picked up some 805s like you have but havent watched any movies yet.
Can you elaborate on how it sounds better than the CMC? Does the advantage of the FSR Mid-Range really show through?
I felt that dialogue was more intelligible and I think it is related to both the FST and driver configuration (tweeter placed above the FST).
Hello, imho got better imaging without a center channel and optimal L/R speaker placement. Have you tried this comparision yourself?