B&W CDM 9 NT Anyone listend to these?

I am considering buying CDM-7SE or CDM-7NT and have also seen the CDM-9NT (only on their web site). I really liked the CDM-7SE even when comparing to the 804s (for the money of course). Was wondering if anyone has listend to the new series (NT) and especially the 9NT since it seems very similiar to the 804.
Kev - I checked with Sound Advice in Florida, the largest distributor of B&W in North America. According to them, the 9NT's are probably 30-45 days away from showroom floors. I just bought 7NT's over 804 Nautilus and I absolutely love them. Still breaking in but at about 25 hours they are showing sheer audio character. I was initially concerned about mids but they are slowly coming forth. Frankly, I bought the 7NT's just before the 9NT's were announced, so I probably would have waited and spent the extra $600. But I am so delighted with the 7NT's that I probably will not upgrade. Good Luck, Steve.
What is the MSRP on the new CDM 9 NT's?
Kev, I have heard both the 7NT and the 1NT. I cannot beleive the sound. Great soundstage, nice midrange, big improvemnt over the old SE series. I have ordered the 1NT, still awating their arrival. Fr
Definitely any CDM NT model over the SE version. The original CDM 1 beats the SE version also easily (7 slightly better).
Wagner - MSRP on the 9NTs is $2600/pair. 7NTs is $2000/pair, 1NTs is $1600/pair. I agree with Sugarbrie, the NT series blows away SE series hands down.
We have the 9NT's on our show room floor. One thin, you do need to let them break in before you really get that NT sound. If you're looking for as much low frequency sound as you can get (in the CDMNT's) from a non-powered speaker go for the 9's. They have the amaizing ability to blend with a good Sub.