B&W CDM 9 / ML Aeons

I am losing sleep over my inability to make up my mind -- I keep on wafering back and forth. Now I am finding great deals on audiogon for Aeons:-(, which makes things even worse:-) I am building a hometheater/listening area in my basement and for my budget have decided to either go with B&W CDM 9NT L/R or the Martin Logan Aeons L/R, my Theater/Music ratio is 50/50. What am I to do? I thought the B&W's sounded great with Jazz (which is what I most listen to) as did the Martin Logans. The only thing is that I am concerned that if I purchase a mint set of Aeons at a great price I will not receive the warranty. This is my first big audio purchase (big for me). I have a Cinema Grand and AVM20 pre/pro. I am a bit discouraged to buy the B&W due to lack of info on this site, this site is a vast wealth of info and I believe if no one is talking about them there might be a reason. Anyone offer any suggestions -- also, my third choice was DynAudio Audience but I really couldn't get over the laminate finish.


I've got the CDM 1NT's and they do sound really nice. The 9's will add bass of course. However, I find them a little congested in the midrange at times. Personally I like the nautilus tweeter, but not everyone does.

The Logans are nice also from the little time I spent listening to them. I'm still not sure if they got the whole integtration of the electrostat with the dynamic driver right. If i had to make a choice, I would choose the logans.
I have ML SL3 for almost 3 years now and I have heard a few expensive systems but I still like the transparency that ML offers. ML excels in mid to high and even performs well at 200-70Hz bass region but it lacks the deep bass that my friend's 801 S3. If you like bass then you should look for a used pair of 801 S3, it is awesome. Adding excellent sub-woofer like Velodyne HSG15 still does not have a same continual and integral sound as the 801. For about $2500 a pair used, you can't beat that. If I am buying new speaker now, I would pick 801. Bottom line is you need to like the sound first and don't let the brand influence your decision. Happy listening.
I just got a pair of the CDM-9NT's. I love them. I have listened to them with the Sunfire amp and they are simply stunning. The ML's tend to be a little harsh in my opinion with home theater. The B&W's are much more sweat and have better finesse. the ML's tend to scream at you with theater. Just my $.02
Thanks for all the input -- I guess the bottom line is that I need to audition a little more -- I have been doing Jazz audtions only, I think it is time to audition some movies as well.

Tinman - I will take a look at the 801's:-)

Thanks again!