B&W 805 Signature vs PM1 & 805D

I used to own a pair of the 805 Sigs in Red Birds Eye, and circumstances pushed me into selling them years back, but always regretted losing them. A few pairs of speakers later, I now own the B&W PM1 which I love. But I have a chance to pick up a pair of mint 805 Sigs (not locally), which I can use in another system, and I'm just wondering if anyone here has compared them side by side with the PM1 or even the 805D.

I'd love to grab these 805 Sigs, but also wondering if the trip down memory lane won't be as fulfilling as I'm hoping - if the 805 Sigs were great when compared to B&W's speakers of 10 years ago, but maybe wouldn't compare as well to today's models. You know how that goes...sometimes we can build things up in our memories, but the reality doesn't match up as technology advances.

I did search through old threads, and there have been plenty of 805Sig vs. 805S threads, but couldn't find anything 805Sig vs. PM1 or 805D. Thanks in advance.
Not exactly your question but I had the 805D and went back to the 805N. Actually I ran. I have not heard the PM1 but the only criticism I have read is that it lacks a hint of high end detail. That might be a benefit of the 805S.
Get the sub.
Hi Michael, thanks for the input - what was the deal with the diamonds? Not enjoyable to your ears, or not good value relative to other B&W speakers you enjoyed more?

@James633...did you mean to say "Get the Sigs" or is your response meant for a different poster in a different thread?
Ignore me I am talking non sence and can't read lol. I thought you were thinking of upgrading or getting a sub.

Honesty I have only heard this in passing and I doubt they sound that different.
The 805N were my first set of real speakers, the kind that schooled me on the magic of 2-channel. Since I bought those, 20+ pairs of other speakers (all great in their own way) have come and gone through my system. That includes the 805D. They sound very different from the 805N. To my ears, the 805N sound worlds more natural, open, relaxed, clear and dare I say perfect. In terms of rightness of midrange, they also best the 802Ns I have right next to them. I cannot recommend them highly enough for vocals/jazz/acoustic. I would gladly pay 805D prices for a new set of 805N. I cannot recommend them enough.
That's great feedback Michael, and your speaker journey sounds interesting. I've never heard the N802 myself, but have always wondered what they're like. That you prefer the N805 midrange to the N802 says alot.

I had a pair of the N805 for a short period, and liked them, but then a pair of 805 Sigs (the ones I had to give up eventually) came along so I sold the N805 and replaced them with the 805 Sigs. So I have good memories of the N805, but honestly can't say that I had them long enough to form a strong opinion. They just came and went too quickly. Thinking back, doing A-B comparisons of the N805 vs. 805 Sig, I don't remember there being an enormous difference. Maybe a slightly sweeter treble, but I was trying a lot of different amps at the time so I don't know that my recollection is worth anything.

I'm guessing your enthusiastic recommendation for the 805N would extend to the 805 Sig - I don't think they're so far apart, like the 805N vs. 805D might be.

As for the PM1, they can be considered laid back compared to other speakers. Right now in my room I have them side by side, just for fun, up against some Proac D2. The Proacs have more air, more detail, and more crispness, but the PM1 have a very sweet warmth that makes it easy to listen to them for long periods. They're detailed, but not in-your-face detailed, if you know what I mean.
I would go for the Sigs, if only to revisit and find out which pair creates the most magic in your space. I would venture to guess that the 805S is closer to the N than the D. Keep us posted on your path!