B&W 802D vs. 800D

Has anybody compared these speakers? How do they differ sonically?
The 800D and the 802D use the same midrange and tweeter so they are close with the edge given to the 800D do to the better crossover. The bass is the big difference. The 800D has tighter and more accurate bass.
I had both speakers next to each other in my house. Both are very good but the 800D is a clear winner. It has more authority, sounds better timewise (better filter) and the bass goes deeper. However it sounds a little thinner in the bass than the 802D, this is because the bass is more accurate. You hear more details in the bass on the 800D.

For voices I did not hear to much difference. Both of them are very good. For look I would buy the 802D (I do not like the big foot of the 800D). For sound go with the 800D.

The only real differences are in the bass and, while I do not doubt Peter's observations (and might make similar ones), bass performance is too dependant on room position and room acoustics to generalize from 1 or 2 auditions unless they are in your own listening room. And, then, you cannot generalize about what they would do in mine. ;-)