B&W 801D VS. Focal-JmLab Nova Utopia Be

Both are capable of incredible full range sound in a properly sized room with a correct system IMO. Which do you prefer and why regardless of the substantial price difference? I have the same thread starting with Focal first. I did this one so people who are searching B&W would have a chance to comment on this topic. Thank you!
A search searches all the words in the title.
Thanks Aball. I know a search looks for a word in any order. The reason I did this particular thread was to better catch the eye of B&W fans looking through the general B&W section. By the way I see you use Electra 926 speakers. I helped a novice audiophile friend of mine put together his first hi end system which consists of a pair of 926 speakers. He is extremely happy with them. They are a great speaker and a tremendous bargain IMO!
Yes, the 926s are really fine speakers. They sound impressive and beautiful at the same time. The more I upgrade my system, the more they surprise me. I have tried several other speakers but keep returning to the 926s.