B&K amp parts source

Hi All,

I have a B&K Ref 2220 which sounds very nice with the Thiel CS 3.5 speakers in my secondary system. However, the power on button has become unreliable, sometimes requiring dozens of presses to turn the amp off. I have repeatedly contacted ATI who aquired B&K and am told, " We have all their parts, but nothing is organized so we can't find it for you."
I had my local electronics shop call ATI, and they got the same response. My local tech commented that the power switch on my amp looked identical to ones he had seen on other B&K amps, so it should not be a rare part. What I am hoping you can help with is where, other than ATI, might I get one? Perhaps a dealer who stocked a lot of B&K amps and has one?
BTW my local tech, who I think is highly competent, cleaned and lubricated my switch, but the problem was not improved.
Thanks in advance!
I've replaced several of these. Any national electronics supply house has them - DigiKey, Mouser, Newark, etc. There's nothing special about them, just your standard lighted power switch that costs around $4. Try this link:


Total replacement time is less than 10 minutes.
Thanks for the response Palasr,
Unfortunately the problem is that it is not this type of switch. It is a small round black button that is pushed in till it clicks to power on and pushed in again to power off. It always powers on fine but has to be pushed in dozens of times to power off. I wish it were the rocker type your link leads to, but perhaps there is a generic switch of the type on my amp which would work. I have no need to use a B&K original part but do want to have something that is functional and looks like it belongs on the amp.
Sorry, I thought you were looking for the older type - they were easy: three discreet blade connectors from the transformer, pop the switch out and away you go.

Given the nature and location of your switch, it's most likely soldered right to the circuit board (I'm making an educated guess here), but it may be worth investigating for broken solder joints at the switch as it's a source of continuous mechanical stress. Still, with the dimensions in hand you should be able to source a replacement through one of the vendors listed above; between the three of them they have pretty much everything. Good luck.
You can try George Reamsnyder at Eastern Elite Audio Video He is a 12-year veteran of B&K Components, Ltd. and was the head of the Customer Service and Technical Support departments. The company has several ex B&K folks and is located in Buffalo NY. I believe he still does B&K repair
I've always prefered toggle switches that are much more durable than OP described. If there's a possibility to connect toggle switch onto the same socket(just measure the size) you can go for it. It will perform the same function. In my case I simply use master switch for my equipment from Panamax power supply and technically you can simply short that switch and not use it at all.
You might wish to contact Byston as they used a similar on/ off switch. The only question, is the hole size for the button...
can you remove the existing switch and get a part number? I can't imagine that it's not an off the shelf part. The button that shows on the outside may be special to B&K, but the switch itself is likely standard and available at Mouser
Drjay, the original switch is round, which should make installing a replacement easier, although you may need to do some minor modification to get the new switch to fit. Digi-Key has a selection of 16A 120V round pushbutton switches, and one 20A 120V round pushbutton switch in stock. You may also be able to use a toggle switch in place of a pushbutton, if it should come down to that.




Thanks for all the help so far.
It looks like my best bet is to call Eastern Elete AV and hope they have the B&K style switch. I took the cover off the amp and the switch is not at all like any of the generic ones which Gbart kindly provided a link to. It is bolted to the back of the faceplate with two small allen bolts with the connection lugs coming out the top.
I will call Eastern Elete AV tomorrow and hope they have it. If anyone has any other leads as to who might have one I would greatly appreciate that info since it doesn't look like a generic one will do.
As an aside, I had no idea as to the variety and options of switches that are in existance before visiting the digikey web site. Wow!
I believe that is the same switch Bryston uses and it's made by Alps. If I remember correctly the body of the switch is grey.