Ayre QB-9 DAC - alternative connections?

I bought a used QB-9 and am overwhelmed with its performance in my system streaming Tidal Hifi from my iMac to my preamp via USB cable.  With only one USB input into the Ayre DAC, I am unable to use it at the moment to accept a digital signal from my Oppo 103 (which has only two digital outputs:  coax and Toslink.)  

Does a device exist which would accept the USB stream from my iMac and a coax/toslink connection from my Oppo that would permit me to utilize the Ayre for both digital streams?  If so, would such a device likely degrade the sound from either sources?  Otherwise, I will consider another DAC to pair with the Oppo.

Many thanks for any insights you can provide.  
If you like the sound of the QB-9, you might move to the Codex. That device adds a toslink input and shares the QB-9 sound. Some users actually prefer the Codex, including golden ears Jim Smith.

I’m not aware of any way of getting from S/PDIF to USB cleanly. Ethernet to USB, yes. USB to S/PDIF, yes.

I think you are stuck with USB with this DAC. If you want to use your Oppo, you need a different DAC. Even then, you will get this kind of jitter:


Steve N.

Empirical Audio

@whitestix, I also suggest you consider the Ayre Codex DAC.  it has both USB and optical (Tolink) inputs.  I own the Codex DAC and like it very much.  As was noted above, several people, including me, like it over the Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC.

If possible, I suggest you use the Codex DAC's balanced XLR outputs to connect to your preamp.  I am using its balanced outputs to connect to my Ayre AX-7e integrated amp and it sounds wonderful.  It is an outstanding DAC for its $1,995 price.   

The obvious solution, which I was reminded of by my pal, is simply to rip all my CD's to my external HD and then I can dispense with the need for the Oppo CDP and alleviate the need for another DAC!   I have downloaded Audirvana and Apple XLD and will through the task of ripping my 600 CDs on to my external HD.