Ayre KX-R and Pass Labs X 20 comparison ?

If anyone has listened to both Ayre KX-R and Pass Labs X 20, can you pls give your opinions.
The Ayre is twice the price of the Pass and I wonder how much
better it may be against the Pass.

Thx Terry
I can't answer directly (just yet) but I had an XP-10 for almost two years and am temporarily using my Thor TA-1000 tube pre with my Spectrons until my KX-R comes in. I have Spectron Musician III Mk2 mono blocks and can't wait until I hook up the KX-R to them in 10 days to 2 weeks. I liked the XP-10 while I had it, but not enough to keep it. I was going to go to the XP-20 but it only has 1 pair XLR outputs and I do not want to use Y-adapters with the Spectrons. The KX-R offers dual XLR's and it sounded superb paired with MX-R mono blocks and B&W 803 or 804 diamond speakers (don't remember what model and I wasn't a big B&W fan). I think the KX-R will be better than the XP-20 based on my experience with the XP-10. The KX-R seemed to have the best of solid state and tubes without the hassle. I hope this helps a little.
Hello Joeinid,
Thank you.
I operate Spectrons MIII MKII with tubed preamps.
Installed the Pass XP-10 and found out that I do not need any subs in my system anymore, because the XP-10 really exposed my bass response.
Pls let me know how you find your new KX-R. Enjoy.
Terry, I had XP-20 before and using KX-R currently. KX-R has better sound stage, better conference, sonically, I think XP-20 is nearly on par with KX-R.
I demoed both the XP-20 and the KX-R for a week back to back and although the XP-20 was just fine in many area's , it didn't open a window on music the way the KX-R did . The KX-R sounded more like music and less like electronics than any component I've heard or owned , solid state or tube , including the Audio Research Ref 3 it replaced , I bought the KX-R . After A few months it even sounded better than the demo unit that I was told was fully run in .
It's hard to judge dollar value when components are this far apart , but I'm more than satisfied , I guess thats all that really matters .
Regards Tim
hi Tmsorosk, can i know what cdp /turntable and amp that you pair KX-R with? given the big price difference, is XP-20 value for money judging on their rather similar big openness airy soundstage? thanks
Hello Philip , Cd player is an Ayre C5mp, DAC is Audio Research's DAC8, there introduced to each other by a Shunyada ZYTRON Python A.E.S. digital interconnect, Power cords are Shunyada Anacondas. Analog rig is a SME 20/12 , Manley Steelhead phono stage, although we moved the analog rig and riggins to are lake spot a short time ago. Amp is a Levinson #532H. There's more info and junk on my System link. I've moved since the pictures were taken and the system has gone threw many changes.
I know what your saying about the X 20, it punches above it's class price wise, and it's a great amp on nearly any level. What swayed me to the KX-R was the way it removed itself from the signal path. A few audiophile friends, remarked that it was like moving ahead several rows at a concert.