Ayre Acoustics and Egglestonworks


Has anyone combined Egglestonwork Andra II's with any of the Ayre Acoustics amps - namely the V-1xe? I understand that the Andra II's are easy to drive and therefore should be compatible with a large number of amps.
Also looking ahead to the release of Ayre's 300W monoblocks as a possible match - impossible to know until they become available.
I ran an Ayre V-5x for a while last year with my Andra IIs. I really liked the V-5x a lot with the Andras, but ultimately, I and a few others prefered a BAT VK-500 w/ the BATPAK as a more synergistic match for them.

From memory, the V-5x was more laid back and softer in the bass. Even though the Andras are a fairly easy load, they still like some strong current to drive them, and the BAT, with all that energy storage in the BATPAK drives them effortlessly and happily.

The V-1Xe, or the Ayre 300 watters should be a better match for the Andras than the V-5x was, so do give them a listen. But keep in mind that you can't go wrong the BAT and the Andras.
A thought for you--the Mac 501s are a superb match for the Andra IIs. I put them in on a demo 18 months ago and never took them out. The Eggleston people love the combination.