Ayon 07s review

I started with a Cal Icon so many years ago that it's scary. Very good for its time. Then went to a Musical Fidelity 308 which was not as good as the old Icon. Finally got a Lavry Engineering DA10 which was an improvement. Still not close to my Nottingham 294. Got a good buy on an Ayon 07s and JACKPOT! I had no idea a cd player could sound this good and I've heard many over the last 25+ years. Bass is subterranean and tight, the midrange mellifluous but crisp and clear and the treble goes on forever smoothly. It's a tubed unit and looks like something very expensive. 30 month ownership.
I have been enjoying my 07 for about 3 years. Good stuff!
You make me want to buy one!
last month i got the 07s Ayon ,so far it's been a great experience of sound quality ,cant wait to hear after warmup , love my oppo 105 but this is a step up,built solid and great sound stage clear.