AVR for Magnepan 1.7s

I started looking into upgrading my system and decided to try the Magnepan 1.7s and fell in love with them. After listening to them for 3-4 hours at the dealership I'm pretty set on these. Unfortunately this will probably require me to upgrade my AVR (Pioneer elite vsx91). I use my system for both HT (so will be buying the matched center) and stereo audio. In an ideal world I'd power these an integrated amp but I don't have the budget or the space for that. The dealer recommended the Cambridge Audio 650r. I wanted to see if anyone has had experience with it or other AVRs with maggies. Budget for the AVR is ~1500. Any thoughts are really appreciated. Thanks!
I suggest you consider keeping your current receiver, use the pre-amp out, and pick up a good used power amp to drive the maggies. For $1500 used you ought to be able to pick up something that will do the maggies justice. Check out high current amps like McCormacks. Some people are saying the Wyred 4 Sound work well. Others like the Odysse amps. You can find examples of both well within your budget for sale now. And now, back to football!
The reciever preout idea is best option for you know. Classe sounds great w Magnepans, I am placing ad for a CA150 if you interested. Cheers