Avalon Symbol speakers

Has anyone seen/heard the new Avalon Symbol speakers? Are they for two channel or just for multichannel apps?? Pricing??? I would be interested in any info.
i have seen and heard the symbols in a number of systems here in colorado and at ces. my older son has just gotten a pair. ( full disclosure here: as regulars already know, i use avalon eidolons in my system and have owned 2 other varieties of avalon in the past.) the symbols are being assembled in the philidelphia area rather than at their boulder facility. the speakers are designed for both 2-channel and multi-channel use. kevin halverson of muse audio is working with avalon on a sub and mid that will match the symbols. these will be sold, sooner rather than later, in various configurations. at ces, kevin was using 3 pairs of symbols in a discreet 6-channel setup. you can see pictures of the symbols and prototypes of the mid and sub on kevin's website: museelectronics.com. it is my understanding that a pair of symbols retail at $3000 in the US. i am very impressed with these small footprint speakers. they use proprietary drivers and a fabulously seamless xover designed by neil patel. they image wonderfully in near and far field placement and have a surprisingly broad sound spectrum. i've listened to the symbols with both tube and ss electronics, analog and digital frontends, in large (24x36x12 ft) and quite small (9x12x10 ft) soundspaces. they have a little something for most everyone. obviously, i recommend them highly.
I believe the price per pair is around $3500 now. Had the opportunity to live with a pair of Symbols next to my Eidolons for 2 + weeks. Without going to extremes to find the most ideal placement in room, these beauties shined!
Imaging and sound stage were almost the equal of the Eidolons. Friends who heard them were really upset that they hadn't bought them. Can't waite to hear the compole Symbol 5.1 system that Neil Patel is planning on offering.
CFB and/or Mike: Is the intent of the Symbol to be used only with other Symbols in a multichannel arrangement, or are they designed to integrate as side channels (6.0 audio) or rear channels (6.0 or 5.1) with any of the bigger Avalons?
flex: the symbols integrate very nicely with other avalons. my best friend/audio dealer has set up systems with eidolons, arcuses and opuses in front. he now has a system set up with 6 symbols and a brand new 38" loewe aconda. it's awesome. -cfb