Opera's Super Pavorotti vs. Avalon's Symbol??

Has anyone owned or auditioned the Opera's "Super Pavorotti" and/or the Avalon "Symbol"??--- Especially in regards to bass response and soundataging.Which one will benefit more from a high powered, high current solid state amp?? Both are slim and very attractive with beautiful cabinet finishes. Avalon's reputation for fine speakers is legendary, but does it carry over to its new "lower" line?? All opinions welcomed!!
Hi, Have not compared the two but carefully auditioned the symbol as they were in my wallet range.
You must be carefull which version they are. To my ears(not in the seller mouth)the first version was excellent in soundstage with silky highs due to the splendid focal tweeter. One of teh few speaker that was filling the room and enabling me to hear the singer voice placed at 5 feet well above the speaker. Not common.
Bass was ok not gummy and the overall sound was emotionally involving.

The 2nd version has a proprietary tweeter and you can recognize it because the tweeter does not have the metal diffuser typical of focal and the cones are AVALON print marked.
To my ears was a step back to the point i decided to quit for another speaker.
It seems the symbol was targeting the HT market but due to good reviews and moderate price attracts potentials customers that couldn't afford avalon as a brand so far.
Anyway I advise you to give them a chance
good luck
Ad010685, you were probably listening to the latest version that's not fully broken in yet. My experience is opposite of yours. I compared them side by side from a dealer and they both had the same excellent soundstage, except the latest version is more natural and the older version is a bit bright for my taste. The dealer told me that the new tweeter is better and more expenssive than the one used in the older version (similar to the tweeter used in budget JMlab speakers) The dealer also told me that this is why Avalon raised the retail price from $2900 to $3500.