What do you put under spikes of your Avalons? Mine ED's rest on a wooden floor and a 4mm cork mat and I put coins under spikes but I think there should be a better solution for this. Any suggestions?
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Under my Eidolons, I use Walker Audio Valid Points on the included 1" discs (3 per speaker). This was a huge improvement over the stock spikes and solved the floor interface issue.
Try the audiopoints from starsound and get the new big protector disc's.Walker is overpriced stuff and they use too much lead in the brass which ens the sound.Talk to Robert @ 1877-668-4332 and see whats up-Cheers Dennis
I definitely second Dennis' suggestion of the Audio Points protectors from Star Sound!

I second the use of Audiopoints. I have them under my Avalon Eclipse's. They did make a nice difference over the spikes supplied by Avalon
Audiopoints! Star Sound product. Used them on my Wilson MAXX speaker and they were a huge difference over stock spikes and discs that can be ordered will protect your floor no problem.
Thanks guys, but about what kind of sonic difference are we talking about when substituting sandard spikes with alternative's? When I put cork mats under speakers this brought an improvement in eveness and fullness of bass...
Marcussix, when my wife and I made the change from the stock spikes to the Walker Audio Valid Points, we really weren't expecting much of a difference. What we heard surprised us -- the Valid Points made a significant difference that was immediately noticeable. And the result we heard was repeatable a few weeks later as we pulled them out and put them back in for a test of whether we might just be fooling ourselves. What we heard was improved clarity through the mid-range, greater delineation of the space around the the edges of instruments, and a decided clearing-up of some mid-bass muddiness I really hadn't paid much attention to until it was removed. I wouldn't put this in the same category as a component upgrade, but it was certainly another very meaningful 3-5% improvement in the overall clarity and resolution of our system. Needless to say, the Valid Points stayed as part of the system.

Another tweak we've made is the addition of a 2" Walker Audio Resonance Disc placed on the top of each of the Eidolon cabinets. The result here is far more subtle, but it is observable and repeatable. Play something with some sharp percussive attacks (like the piano on the "88 Basie Street" 45 rpm reissue), then place the discs and play again. What we hear is a noticeable tightening of the leading edge of the struck piano strings and a reduction in smearing. It's subtle, but it's another example of how paying attention to the details creates the magic.
If you want a tweak that is not so subtle ,try the Sistrum 101 stand underneath and use the isolating disc with avm paint.Ask Robert of starsound about the new Geicko's foot and see if it's ready yet? The 101 stand will blow your mind with a 30% improvement in every area of sound.Also the Totem Beaks are a better tweak for the top of the cabinet and really improve the imaging.As Rushton correctly stated "paying attention to the details creates the Magic".Cheers Dennis
I have my Avalons on a carpet,with a concrete floor underneath(classic Ascent mk-2's).I am using the standard supplied "German Cones".Does anyone think these can be improved,to any real degree?
Sirspeedy, take a look at my first post in this thread and then my followup. I was quite surprised by the significant improvement we got here over the stock stainless steel spikes (if that is what you're using). From what I hear with Lloyd's Valid Points, I believe you will hear a material improvement by replacing the stock spikes. I'm coupling my Eidolons to a suspended oak floor, so ymmv, but it sure would be worth trying given the results we hear and the return guarantee Lloyd offers.
I forgot to mention that a friend put the Sistrum 101 under his Avalon Eclispe and was totally shocked at the difference.Somebody should try this and post the results. These racks destroy any brass feet and really allow the speaker to perform at a new level!Cheers Dennis
Any spike protector discs will work as long as you keep the
speaker height similar to for the downward firing port. Different cones
will have slight sonic differences, but
relative to cost those differences are rather small.

If cost is less of an object, you may wish to try Finite Element Cerabases or Cerapucs which would not require
spikes, cones or protectors and still keep the speaker base height similar to stock and protect your flooring at the same time.

Actually,my speakers came with really nice "gloss finish" brass cones,which look rather pricey.I do like them,but would not care for a generic steel type.I was just curious.
However,and follow my logic,I believe if one can add more "surface area" to the part of the cone,which comes into contact with the speaker bottom,that would be a good thing.My cones are quite wide,but I have seen some new types(I forget where)that look to have massive width.Probably costly,though.THAT sort of intrigues me.
The other solutions,though probably just fine,don't seem to fit my application,being that I am on a rug/concrete floor.
In addition to more surface area at the interface, what if you also screwed the feet into the base of the speaker using 5/16th inch threaded rod for a rigid and very solid connection of speaker cabinet base to foot? That's how mine are designed to function.
Rushton,great idea,but I am such a fanatic that I don't want to take a drill to my speaker bottom plates.I like the more massive contact area,yet your idea is better for most folks.
You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink!Cheers Dennis
Hi, I use Stillpoints with inverse risers under my Eidolons. They excell with their overall performance.