Dynaudio, Wilson, Avalon, Aerial

I need some advice. I have narrowed my search of speakers down to a few that dealers in the area have and that I have listened to (for the most part). I will likely buy used and I will not buy a pair of speakers based solely on reviews. I would appreciate that you keep your comments to the speakers that I have mentioned even though there are probably many great speakers out there at a similar price. Another consideration is my room. It is acoustically challenged and needs work. It is 16 X 20 with cathedral ceilings – reflective, boomy in the 100 to 200 Hz area and very bright. I plan to work on this but since it is a “family” room, only so much can and will be done. And, what ever I get, I will need to be able to match it with a center speaker for theater. Okay, the list:

Dynaudio C2s – new or used
Dynaudio C4s - used
Dynaudio Temptation (used – still too expensive)
Wilson Sophia 2 - new
Avalon Eidolon Vision- used
Aerial 20 T - used

I found the C2 had great imaging and wonderful delivery of information especially in the mid-range. They had a bass extension in the mid-bass and a lack of low bass (sounded a little punchy/unrealistic). They also lacked a little natural brightness in the upper mid-range, making voices sound a little flat. My local dealer does not have the C4s but said the bass issue is even more exaggerated unless one has a very large room. I have heard the opposite from a few who own them. I was hoping the C4s would be the answer. The temptation would definitely be great but unless they are having a fire sale, they are too expensive. The Wilson Sophia 1 sounded “bigger than life”/forward. They did not have the imaging of the C2s but the sound was flatter across the board. The midrange lacked a little of the realism that the C2s have and I found the tweeter a little jagged. I am still waiting to hear the Sophia 2. The Aerial 20 Ts sounded great in the highs and lows but I was not all that blown away in the midrange. In addition, they are very vertically directional. I am going to hear the Avalon’s this weekend however; the dealer only has the diamonds. I will have to derive my opinion of the Vision from what I hear. One other point of reference, I have ruled out Thiel, B & W, Martin Logan, JM Lab, and Revel (being replaced). So, what do you think?
I listened to the Ariel 20 and Sophia 1 speakers....I ended up buying the Wilson Sophia 2 (which will soon be changed out for WP 8s)...in listening to the Sophia 1...they were OK....but didn't have the detail and accuracy of the WP7s...and in the store show rooms always seem to have a mid bass issue...a broad rise there and seemingly little deep bass....the Sophia 2 corrected most issues for me...in particular in bringing the transparency of the WP7....and the salesman...who I trust in much...claimed he could set them up in my room (16'26', 9' ceiling) without the mid bass issues....he did that and I am happy with them....and moving along to further upgrade the amps....and settling on proper speaker cables...
Hope this helps
What are your thoughts about Vandersteen? They are imaging champs.
I'll submit a biased endorsement of the C2's. I own a pair and use them in my 14x19x8 room. My room is panelled and carpeted, so doesn't have some of the acoustic issues you mention. One thing I really like with the C2's is the DDC - I don't know what that marketing acronym stands for for sure, but the "feature" is that the sound you hear is more of the direct sound, and less reflected sound. I use a Tact RCS for music playback, and it made a large difference with my Dyn Confidence 3's, but with the C2's the change is much less noticeable.

I've seen several pairs here on Audiogon recently for mid-5K in price, which seems like a steal to me. A matching center can be had used for $2500-3000, which also seems like a good deal - again, I'm biased, as this is the setup I have. I love movies / HT as well as music.

Do you already have amplification picked out? That would probably make a difference as well.
Cdj123 - Wow, it sounds like you are a tough audiophile to please! And that you know what you're looking for...

What was the size of the rooms that you used to audition these speakers?

If used in a room too small for them then yes, the bass will be boomy in the midrange. They don't extend all that low in design (mid 30s or so), and if you're interested in the 20-35hz should be augmented with a Rel or Velodyne. I think you might be able to get by with the C2s in your room. Can you have your dealer setup a home audition with them?

The bigger dyns and the avalons are undoubtedly too much speaker for your room.

The Sophias would be another great choice to try and get home.

I am not personally familliar with the Aerials... their looks just don't do it for me so I've never had too much interest. Call me superficial ( ;

I think you should collect your thoughts (look like you've already done it) and go back and hear all the speakers again, for a 2nd audition. Maybe try different gear combinations, try some tube preamps or what not on them, and see if they match your notes on the 2nd audition.

I find that it usually takes a couple of auditions to really form a good opinion on a high-performance speaker or component.

Good luck
I have been a fan of Aerials for years having had the 5,7,and 10T. I have listened to 20T's with the expectation of getting a pair used (not easy to come by and several modifications by Mike along the way since inception). However,I was recently blown away by the Temptations but I do find them not terribly attractive and their price is still high on the used market. Personally, I am not a Wilson fan but have not given the Sophia's a real listen.I agree that the Dyns are really large for your room.What is the amp situation? Aerials need POWER! Clearly you have great taste as they are all supurb.Good luck!
Thanks for your comments. I just picked up a pair of Avalon Eidolon Visions and I am very happy. My biggest concern was that the bass would overload the room. It turns out that they are very smooth and laid back compared to my old Aerials. I would highly recommend them to everyone. Now it is time for a few room treatments.
Cdj123 - how do they work with the room?