Avalon Opus without bass ?

I currently have avalon opus speakers that I really appreciate for their natural sounding. My problem is the bass they create, that puts my room into resonance ...
I plan to change them, but I would like to keep a natural and open sound, an excellent low-medium (as well as medium and highs ....).
I plan to listen to Avalon Eclipse Classic. Would you have any more idea ?
I used to have a pair of the Opus. They are excellent speakers. I have not heard the Opus ceramique, but it's my understanding that they were designed for smaller rooms - less bass output. If they retain any of the Opus midrange and highs, it would be a great choice.
Good Luck
You might want to try the Revel Studio as it is about the same price range, or if you can afford it, the Salon. They are both great speakers, IMHO.

Good Luck

Have you looked at taming the bass resonance with some bass traps? Also, try to move your speakers a little further apart, and further from the wall behind the speakers.

Since you seem to like the sound of the speakers with your rig, I'd solve the resonance issue first (placement and/or acoustic treatments) before changing. Just my opinion, of course.


Marc, if you listed your room dimentions and type of amplification it would be easier to offer specific advice......as you really need to consider amps/speakers/room as a package.

one thing to consider is that the distance between your woofers and the floor will determine bass loading to a large degree. side wall distance would be next in importance. sometimes if you raise your speakers an inch or two you can disconnect the woofer from the room boundary to a big enough degree to smooth out the mid-bass and lower mids. the boomyness you are hearing is actually doubleing of the mid-bass and lower mids. if you can reduce this "bass hump" you will get deeper bass and clarity up and down the frequency range.

if your spikes don't give you enough travel just cut out pieces of 1" plywood slightly larger than the speaker footprint......first try 1, then 2.......fine tune with the spikes. once you find the correct height you can have something cosmetically acceptable built to work long-term (longer spikes).

bass traps are only marginally effective for controlling bass......they can clean things up once you get close......but speaker placement (especially height) will get you most of the way there.

good luck......let us know what actually works.
Though I've never had a problem with woofer height and bass, I agree with Tom on the issue of distance to the wall behind the speakers. Usually in speaker setup, one of the first issues to solve is the distance from that wall so that bass is neither overloaded nor too thin. I have double height bass traps in the corners of that same wall, and it helps greatly to cut room reverb, if that is part of your problem.