avalon opus ceramique vs opus

Considering these two speakers for 24 x 15 ft x 10ft room. Speakers would be placed along the 24 ft wall. Amps I own are Antique sound hurricane & 1009 push pull 845 amp.

Opus have stronger but less tight bass, Overall warmer balance. Ceramique seems faster, more detailed and coherent and I am wondering if I am better off with Ceramique with my Velodyne DD12
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For the size room your describing I would think the Kharma Ceramic 3.2 and sub would be a wonderfull set up...
I've recently heard the Avalon opus ceramique, with Ayre amplification, and the sound was great. Everything one could wish. The midrange is fantastic: open, detailed, pure.
In the bass department, the one that is troubling you, IMHO there's no need for a sub.