Avalon Eidolon Vision What's your take?

CES attendees please share your experience about the new Avlon Eidolon Vision speakers. Not much info both from the company and CES threads found here.
Me too I asked the same... no reply yet :-(
It is my understanding that the Eidolon Vision is a replacement for the Eidolon. It employs the same drivers and enclosure, but uses the internal wiring and crossover topology developed for the Eidolon Diamond. The Diamond remains current without any changes. In summary, the Vision is like the Diamond except for the woofers and tweeters. For a nominal increase in the retail price, the Vision is much closer in performance to the Diamond (which is much better than the Eidolon).
This speaker sounded great as did all the Avalon systems. This speaker company knows how to get it done. Match your speaker selection to you room size and dimensions. Jallen