AV receiver and subwoofer recommendation for Totem Tribe III's

I recently purchased (3) of the Totem Tribe IIIs to surround my 65" OLED.  I now need to buy a new or used AV receiver and potentially a subwoofer to compliment the system.  I have heard that the Totem speaker are warm and to stay away from AV receivers that are also warm such as the Marantz.  My use will be 60% movies and 40% music.  I may down the road add two rear Tribe I's for a 5.1 sound.  Budget for the Av receiver is less than $900. It needs to have streaming music capabilities as well as handle the 4 ohm Tribes.  The sub gets a bit tricker because I may need a wireless solution per WAF placement.  Budget is less than $1000 for the sub.  Thanks for the input.