Auraliti PK90 replacement

By beloved Auraliti  will not power up and I have been unable to reach the company for a repair.  This happened before and was repaired under warranty.    I can’t find any used ones presently.   My FLAC stand-alone hard drive files stream into a server and I also front load a usb stick and they output to my Ayon cd7 via USB.     I see the ProJect Stream box S2 Ultra offers the USB connections that fit my needs.     The Bluesound Node i2 looks good but has no usb output.    I would prefer to spend under $600   I have a Peachtree IDac which handles every imput but,prefer the Ayon tube sound.
I don't mean to act like a jerk here, but I have a PK90 on a shelf since I replaced mine with an Auralic Aeries G1. It also has a linear power supply that I got from Auraliti. I would let the 2 pieces go for $500 if you're interested. Otherwise just politely ignore my arrogance.
Oh .. also if you're interested I will put it up for sale on Audiogon and then you could purchase it the regular way.
Koestner.    Sounds like you found a good replacement.   I did hear from Ray but have not discussed a repair.  I am interested in your unit but would prefer to have mine repaired if possible.   Will advise 
OK ... repair is always better than replacement. I'm away all next week so if you still have any interest just "Private Message" me.
Good Luck,