Audition of Tekton M-Lore, Lore or Lore-S speakers

Is there anyone in either the Portland, OR or Phoenix, AZ areas who would be willing to let me audition their Tekton Design M-Lore, Lore or Lore-S speakers? I'm considering purchasing a pair of those speakers but I'd really like to see/hear them first. Since Tekton doesn't have a listening room, Eric A. of Tekton suggested I post this message instead. A response would be much appreciated.
I am thinking about some Tekton's too. Probably the M Lore. If you are not able to locate any, I believe Tekton offers a 30 day in home trial
I know Tekton offers a 30-day home trial. My problem is the home where I want to use these speakers is in Phoenix, AZ area and I live/work in Portland, OR. So I really can't audition them in my "home setting."
I was traveling this week in SLC and called Eric A. at Tekton to see about getting an audition with any of these speakers and he could/would not accommodate my request, which was really disappointing. I'd really like to hear these speakers before purchasing them, especially since I'm unable to home audition them. So I'm hoping an Audiogon member in either Portland or Phoenix areas will step up and let me hear their speakers. Thanks much.
Hi Rhythm-man. I live in Longview,Wa. Ihave 2 tekton m-lores, waiting on 3 more to complete a new home theater. When complete,I would be happy to let you demo. Been nearly 3 months on order.
I am in N Scottsdale and waiting on delivery of a pair of Lore-S's. I ordered them back in late January, and Erik told me 4-6 weeks delivery. I can let you know when they come in and you could come by for a listen.
Thank you to both Jandjd in Longview and BTcook007 in Scottsdale for your offers -- I'm very interested in hearing both M-Lores in a surround system and Lore-Ss. Jandjd -- please let me know when you have your HT system completed with all M-Lores.
Btcook007 in Scottsdale -- I have a house in Ftn. Hills and will be back down in AZ in mid-May for almost two weeks thru Mem'l Day. Maybe I could come over to hear the Lore-Ss if you have them by then? Let me know.
When I was in SLC last week, Erik sounded rather frazzled on phone --he must be churning out speakers like crazy!
Thanks again.
I should be in town. I am not a real active user here on Audiogon, so not sure how to Private Message or anything. Get me your contact info and we can set something up. Thanks!
Btcook007 -- I can be reached via email at Unless I'm traveling, I usually read messages once a day. Do you have your Lore-S speakers yet? I'm really interested in hearing those speakers.
I now have the Lore-s. Guess what they are absolutely marvelous. WoW. Clear, clean, open, dynamic and just disappear. Hugh sound stage. Again you can do an in home audition. I am absolutely floored by this speaker. I have had lots: VR-4, VR-2, Virgo, Virgo II, Proac 3.8 and Proac 2.5, Spendor, Dunlavy III and IV, B&W (- the lore-s blows away almost any model B&W), Mission to name some.