Audiotruth Opal v Analysis plus Copper oval IC

I picked up a pair of AQs Audiotruth Opal ICs recently and am impressed by them. I used Cardas neutral reference for many years then switched to Anlysis Plus Yellow and black Copper oval. The AP had a blacker background and was warmer with a bigger stage but did not seem as clear almst a grundge to it, but the stage was less congested then the NR Have always had AP oval 9 speaker wire.

Now I am comparing the Opal IC to the AP copper oval and the Opal seems to have more HF extention, sounds cleaner and has a bigger stage.
Has anyone had any experience with the AQ Audiotruth Opal???? Thoughts?? Thanks,Keith
I had a one meter run of Opal. Funny enough I found the Topaz at a fraction of the cost, and the Emerald, for a bit more, both superior in focus and fullness. That's why we all have to listen for ourselves, in the context of our own systems.
I also have Quartz, Roby and Topaz. Not sure how i ended up with them I have heard it said that was there best series. The quartz is noce but can be bright. The Ruby is very good for the money.
I am totally with you guys... I have a pair of Opal's that I'm not even sure where I picked up. I have some MUCH more expensive cables in my main system, and while they clearly sound better, they really don't embarrass the Opals. In fact, I had a pair of AQ Sky's a couple of years ago and I actually preferred the Opal's. The Opal didn't have the resolution but tonally were much nicer.