Audiosilente idler wheel versus Artisan Fidelity idler wheel for a Garraed 401

I am considering upgrading to a new idler wheel for my Garrard 401. Reviews on forums seem to agree that there is a noticeable improvement in sound achieved. There are two possibilities that I am considering. 

The Audiosilente idler wheel is US$365
Artisan Fidelity is approx. Euros 100.

I ma wondering if anyone has any commentary are experience which of these two may offer the greatest improvements. I am certainly interested in an improvement in dynamics and everything else that is possible!

Artisan Fidelity

Material - Austenitic Stainless Steel CNC machined case hardened CNC ground inner coupling pin, near true zero measured radial run-out.  State-of-the-Art CNC/CAM Machining achieves ultra close tolerances and accurate concentric form. Heavy weight enhances flywheel effect.Periphery Outer Drive Material - Concentric, Molded Seamless Rubber based Composite, precision CNC ground, near zero measured axial run-out. Manufactured as direct OEM Garrard 301 Schedule I & II / Garrard 401 / Garrard 501 Model replacement part.

The Audiosilent is aluminum with a square rubber outside ring.

Any commentary would be most welcome.
Thank you, 

First above posters replies are severely misinformed.
Your post is severely misinformed, there was a transposed 
price initially read the thread prior to making an
off the cuff statement.
@ totem395

Your post is severely misinformed, there was a transposed
price initially read the thread prior to making an
off the cuff statement.
My apologies, you are absolutely right sir and I stand corrected. 
Too late for this but I purchased the idler wheel manufactured by the Classic Turntable Company, they rebuild, service and make spares for the 301 and 401 just like Audio Grail. I have been buying spares from them for a while. []. $115 second day shipping.
I'm glad someone else revived this thread.  Up the thread, I wrote to Mozart: "Machining down the diameter of the idler would reduce platter speed."  Xactaudio seemed to disagree with me.  I am always ready and willing to learn if I made an error in abstract reasoning, which is entirely possible. I still think, all other things being equal, that an idler wheel of smaller diameter compared to original would cause the platter to travel a shorter distance for every revolution of the idler wheel.  Hence, the platter speed would be reduced unless idler wheel rotational speed were to be increased accordingly with the reduction in its diameter.  Am I wrong?  If so, I still cannot see it.
Lew, idler wheel size does not impact speed. The ratio of pulley to platter is all that matters. The speed of the idler changes but the other two stay the same.