Audioquest Clear 2 Hyperlitz?

Anyone have any thoughts on the sound of Audioquest Clear 2 Hyperlitz speaker cables? I have an opportunity to buy a used pair for $85. Understand they are a few years old but were quite good at release and cost many hundreds. They are terminated in two wire now, but can be configured for biwiring, I am currently using anticables on a solid state system pumping Vandy 2c's amd am pretty satisfied. I just have not done much comparison.
Make certain that they have the original factory ends and not some soldered replacements. Do not buy them if they are not factory original. If you look carefully, you should at least be able to see if the the two ends are the same. If so, they are likely to be a worthwhile step up from what you have.
If ends are original. Buy them.
it's a steal