Audiophile Demo Tracks

I wrote this post for the Golden EarI speaker forum and figured I might get more responses over here. List five of your top audiophile tracks that you would show off your Golden Ear speakers . Yeah, I like Satisfaction from the Stones but I'm talking about pristine recordings that are so good would probably sound good on my old eight track deck. Shows how old I am! I have so many but here are five instrumental tracks that highlight all the frequencies from the lowest notes GE active subwoofers reproduce to those wonderful highs of the folded ribbon tweeter. I am a semi professional drummer so I like to play these types of tracks at near live levels. Probably 90 - 95 dB. I know not good for the ears but my listening sessions at that level are kept short. Plus GE speakers can handle the headroom without distortion.
Not in any particular order:

1. The Golden Dolphin - Marco Minnemann Incredible drum sonics
2. Justice's Groove - Stanley Clarke Beautiful bass tone
3. Alone in the City - Chris Botti That trumpet, so clear from the HVFR tweeter
4. Personal Power - Wolfgang Schmid - Everything here, tight bass, well recorded drums, and that sax!
5. American Tango - Weather Report - Wait for the keyboards to come in

Sign up on Legacy’s web site for the Audio Sampler 3.  The tracks on your Triton Ones will blow your socks off!  The sampler was free when I got it.  If you like bass, listen to track 5, it is so powerful, it knocked 2 pictures off the top of the curio cabinet.