Audiomeca Romance

Hello dear Audiogon forum dwellers,

I have an Audiomeca Romance turntable. The tip of the piece which is in the sleeve of the platter is extremely damaged(do not ask how :). I think because of this the platter is now destabilized and is oscillating badly. I hopelessly need the measurements of this piece. Indeed the length is enough, I think.

The piece I refer to can be seen on the diagram of the Audiomeca Bella turntable below. It is just above the heart.

I tried to contact Mr. Pierre Lurne with no success.

Any help is extremely appreciated.

Cant you use a ball bearing in there instead of the pointed tip? that is how most inverted turntable bearings work.
Thank you very much Manitunc for your answer. You are right a ball bearing can be used, but the problem with it is, I think, I cant match the exact center of gravity point. You can ask why I am thinking this way, because the platter seems destabilized. The edge of the platter seems to move roughly 1 cm up and down while spinning. Is this normal for this table?
the actual bearing shaft may be slightly bent. How did the damage occur. was there an impact to the platter or bearing? Getting that shaft straight may be a problem. Is it one side that is consistently lower than the rest or is it random? Are you using a bearing that is the same size as the bearing shaft, or something smaller?
The bearing shaft is not bent, but the tip is crushed. I have had one replica made by my friend who works at a lathe. But there is a problem with the height I guess. Because the tip is crushed it is impossible to know the exact size. We made it approx. the same size.

The side that is lower is random. And I am not sure of the bearing. There was no bearing. Is it possible that it is bearingless model. It spins on top of the tip?
Here is a paper by Pierre Lurne, the designer of the turntable that discusses his bearing. I think that you have to get the right taper on the point of the shaft or it will be able to move on the seat. How high off the plinth does the platter run?
I owned the Audomeca J1. There is a carmic ball fastened
in the platter. The top of the axle had a kind of hole which centered the 'point' of gravity for the platter. Your machinst need to see and measure exactly the axle by
someone who owns the Romance. With his lathe he should be able to produce the same axle from (hardened) steel. You will also need some grease because you can't use oil for
this bearing.

I've read that paper. Very good intro to how the Audiomeca romance works. The platter runs 11 mm off the plinth.

If I could have found someone who owns a Romance then it would be very easy to replicate the damaged piece. But so far I had no success.

I had a hope that someone using this forum who owns a Romance could help me with the sizes.
Still no progress :(
Sorry to hear you have not worked out your problem. Ironically I was considering trying to locate a Septum tonearm but am shying away as Pierre's company no longer seems to be operational and I can find no evidence that he is still in the business. It is a shame that he has apparently walked away from his work. Perhaps you can reach out to Tom Mackris of Galibier. He is a really nice guy and very talented designer. His email is:

Thank you Alan. I haven't been tracking this thread so haven't seen your answer. I agree with you. Pierre shouldn't have left his customers this much alone. But anyway. I will try to contact Tom and discuss the issue with him. Thank you very much again.
Hi Monolit,
Just came across this thread. I can help you with the measurement.
I have an Audiomeca Romance in good working condition if you are interested in replacing the platter or any other parts. It is a beautiful turntable, but I have been thinking about selling it because I recently purchased a TW Acustic Raven 1